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Is your pup getting bored of their plain ol' dog bed? This unique dog bed will surely brighten things up! This is made of 100% cotton, which makes it very comfortable for your pup to fall asleep in. 
Ketchup and Mustard is not included!

  • Suitable for small dogs to medium dogs.
  • Hot dog shape design, give your pet a comfortable rest.
  • Keeps your pets warm & cozy all year round
  • Dual-use cushion which has zipper design, washable, removable, worth having a nest.
  • Back with anti-slip low-speed point, safe to use.
  • Removable cover that can be washed


Sm: 23.6" x 19.7" x 9"  / 60 x 50 x 23cm
Lg:  28.3" x 24.4" x 9"  / 72 x 62 x 23cm


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Color: GreySize: LargeVerified Purchase
These beds are very easy to assemble. Super easy to wash, just spray them down with soap and the water hose. They are built tough, we own 3 of them for our Belgian Malinois’. They don’t seem tempting to chew since there is no fluffy material. These beds are very durable, they last for years!


I bought this for my elderly pitbull who actually has a full size recliner chair just for her because shes that spoiled but she rather sleep on this bed with all her blankets rather than climb into her chair. It does "swoop" in the middle like it's becoming more of a hammock after almost a month of everyday use but she still loves it. As long as my baby is happy and able to sleep then I'm happy with it. And it's SO EASY to just take outside and spray off and let dry then bring back in which I LOVE. Putting it together was not hard at all but that last bolt was a little frustrating til I used the couch to help hold the one side up then it was easy to finish tightening everything down. Would definitely recommend this bed!!


My pup needed a comfy spot in the main living to hang out when he needs to relax or stay out away from other things for a bit. Very comfy, he likes it a lot. It is not soft, the material is more like an outdoor lawn chair material, but he doesn’t mind at all. Very nice and comfy in his joints! Got the small and it fits my 15 lb golden doodle perfectly. Was a bit of a pain to put together (the tension required makes it sort of a beast) but was easy enough and didn’t take more than 20 minutes.


Our German Shepherd loved this large cot so much in the garage we bought the medium for our bedroom!

We were having a huge problem with shedding and dander and all of the cozy beds we bought previously quickly became hair traps. Along with the fact they’re too warm for our big girl and she usually ends up on the floor.

After buying the large size for our garage and seeing how quickly she’d get up on it and how relaxed she felt I bought the medium size for our bedroom. She has much more room on the large but I didn’t want something so big in our bedroom. Nonetheless she loves them both!

Easy enough to assemble, vacuum or shake clean and is a great breathable mesh so it’s great for dogs who run hot!


Great bed! We’ve had this bed for a few months now and LOVE it! It’s light and easy to move around. It definitely takes up some room, but that’s always going to happen with a large bed. We have been supplementing it with a pillow or dog bed since we’ve had it, but I expect we might not during the summer when the cooling factor will come into play.
I don’t think this would be very durable if a pup wanted to really chew on it. Ours hasn’t tried and wouldn’t be allowed to anyway, he’s always supervised currently, but I’m sure a pup could destroy it quickly if they wanted to.