Remote Control  Training  Collar
Remote Control  Training  Collar

Remote Control Training Collar

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  • 🐶Built-in LED Light: Special built-in LED light on the shock collar and remote helps you to locate your dog even in a dark environment.
  •  A  waterproof Dog Training Collar with remote control, with a receiver that is equipped with a silicone conductive column, offering a more secure control for up to 500 meters. Plus, the user-friendly interface is easy to operate, with its three buttons to switch the working mode freely.

  • Made from High-quality TPU material, the electric collar for dogs is waterproof, so your dog can swim in the water or take a bath with it.
  • The blue LCD screen can display all the settings and intensities available. The built-in rechargeable lithium battery saves you the trouble of replacing batteries frequently.
  • Dog training collar with digital automatic code memory function, which means that the signal transmitted will not be affected by similar product interference. ”1 drive 2 or 3 design” means you can remote control 2 or 3 dog training collars to train two dogs at the same time.

 The item provides 4 kinds of working modes: simple vibration, strong vibration,  beep, and light. The stimulation level can be adjusted easily, its intensity varying from 0 to 99. 

  • Specification:
  • Item Type: Dog Training Collar
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Black
  • Remote Control Distance: 800m
  • Waterproof Level: IP68
  • LCD Display: Support
  • Packing Size: 19.5 x 15 x 5.5cm
  • Packing Weight: 410g 



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Customer Reviews

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Hate the auto off feature, makes product useless. Hate vibration on activation, confusing to dogs.

Prefer the single model we got last year, it’s battery life was less but I knew when it was on. We wound up with a second dog so I needed a second collar. Thought it might be better to get this one with 2 collars that wouldn’t have any compatibility issues to work off one remote. Wish I had not because of the auto off I am not sure when or if it’s actually working. The dogs mainly only need occasional correction or reminders, for instance if I’m doing yard work and glimpse them digging. But I might be out there for hours and by the time I need it to work it’s automatically off. So actually making it worse than having nothing at all.

Update: Good customer service, took a couple try’s but they did a refund and offered to send replacements. I like the single collar much better than the 2 collar set due to the auto off feature. Both have the lock feature, wrist strap (I like to attach to a belt loop, just nearly fits), adjustable shock levels, vibration or beep modes. Easy enough to follow directions. Extremely short charging cables. Most people would be pleased with these collars, but as I am around my dogs for extended periods of time and they only need occasional corrections this didn’t work for me.


So we bought these for our three dogs. Two of them are about five and very stubborn and our puppy is just about six months. We’re having a baby in a few months and decided enough was enough these pups need to learn boundaries. They have been doing so well with it and all the collars are programmed on one remote which is very nice. We only had to “shock” our most stubborn dog on the lowest setting and she got the hint of if you don’t listen to the beeper or vibrate, you’ll get a shock. The puppy we’ve only had to do the beep and vibrate and she caught on and my third dog honestly doesn’t need one because he responds to the other dogs beep lol. So all in all these have been really good. My husband and I shocked ourselves on “10” to know what it felt like and it is more of a very weird tingle. I have been thinking about these for years but was super hesitant because of the term shock. As long as your dog responds to the lower level “shock” it’s honestly not even a shock. I like that you can go from 0-90 and change the level to what you need. If you’ve been hesitant like me, I would go for it because it’s completely changed their behavior in less then a week and it’s been amazing!
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We have 2 labrador retrievers and 20 acres of woods. After one of our dogs took off on a jaunt and ended up on the other side of the mountain, we wanted a way to allow them some free reign, off-leash, but with better control. This collar has worked very well. The E-collar has a chime option, a vibrate option, and a spark (shock) option. The chime can be used similar to clicker training, as a noise to indicate to the dog that it did the right action. I trained them to respond to the vibrate as "Come", very useful because I can't yell loudly if they are out of sight. After they seemed to understand that the vibrate means "Come (back)", I would "shock" or spark only after a vibrate if they didn't respond. After just one or two sessions I got very adept at switching channels between the two dogs, so I could signal them almost at the same time. One day one of them rolled in elk scat and mud, with the collar on; it was easy to clean and wipe off, and the electrical plug-ins are well protected from mud and rain. I wish it was a little harder to activate the shock: it is activated by the top big orange button, which I pressed once by accident, and my husband pressed first because it was the most prominent button. This is our first E-collar, so I have nothing to compare it with, but it works well for what we needed. We are fortunate to have dogs that have great pain tolerance too; I know there are some breeds that might react badly to the shock. But there are still options to use the chime and the vibrate as training aids.


I have two 2 year old 80 lb golden retrievers. At times they have got away from me chasing about anything that moves. So I decided to get serious about training and try this remote Realize I have never used anything like this before. First off this remote is VERY easy to use. You can switch from one receiver to the other quickly. Buttons are clearly marked and the shock button is a large orange button. So you can get to it fast if needed. I primarily use the vibrate function. And if they try to make a big run after something I hit the shock. I've actually not had to use the shock much because my two react to the vibrate very quickly. I am occasionally giving them a treat and petting and praising them often. Just into my first week and both dogs are doing extremely well. I really didn't think it would go this well. Nice to let my dogs have some freedom so they can run freely outside. The remote really holds a charge well. And has a screen you can monitor the charge on the remote and receivers. If you use the vibrate alot the receivers loose their charge faster. But you can constantly and easily see the charge left and not get caught with dead receivers. I will give an update in a month or so. Right now I'm very glad I bought this system. Well see if they stand up over time.


I liked it for my dogs, this is the second time purchasing this product.