Tumbler Fun Toy
Tumbler Fun Toy
Tumbler Fun Toy

Tumbler Fun Toy

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Enhance Your Pet's Inner Genius with the Interactive Pet IQ Treat Ball Toy

• Challenging Play - Your Pet will never get bored with the interactive IQ toy. The challenging puzzle and reward will help your Pet's mind stay sharp and active.

• Easy to Use - Simply fill the toy with your Pets favorite food or treats, and it's ready for your cat/dog.

• Two Unique Designs - The interactive toy comes in two unique designs. Choose the one you think your pet will enjoy the most or buy both.



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Customer Reviews

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I stay very busy, and the time I build in to give my kitties is chill time. Unfortunately, with that time I usually lack the energy to tease them with wands, or handheld lasers. I want to make sure they stay engaged, and entertained, and I’ve bought several toys for them. They do enjoy the other toys, but not with the consistent excitement they have with this one. It’s their favorite. The randomness of the laser movement is great. It has an automatic shut off timer to save battery. It beeps when turned on. When my kitties hear that beep they rush to come play. I hang it from an upper door hinge aiming it to a playspace on the floor. Works great.


I have two very active cats, and they both love chasing the red dot. But the standard ones require me to push the tiny button, and sometimes I am utterly swamped with work. So I ordered this for them, and they are HUGE FANS. They hear it whirr on, and they are all set to play for fifteen minutes. They know exactly where the red dot comes from, but they don't care! Fun to watch them play, and it keeps them out of my hair for a while!


I have a very active cat and was recommended to get this item. I have to say my kitty is in heaven with it. She goes to it and put her paw on it so that we can activate it for her. Truly recommend to anyone who has active cats.


Just turn it on and watch your little hunter go on the chase! I was skeptical that my cat would actually enjoy this but he does. It’s nice because you can just turn it on and leave it and your cat will be entertained.


I ordered this product as a Christmas gift for my pet and I get an empty package in the mail and can’t even find a way to get a refund or this car toy actually sent to me.// after figuring out how to request a redelivery being as my other package was empty the replacement item showed up the next day and works exactly as intended keeps cat entertained for hours

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