Pet Paw Washer
Pet Paw Washer
Pet Paw Washer
Pet Paw Washer

Pet Paw Washer

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This is the Paw Cleaning Cup

Place it near your door so that as your lovable mess comes running through the entrance you can stop them in their tracks and get those paws all cleaned up before they may continue.


Premium Look and Feel

Most pet foot cleaners are made of a very hard cheap feeling plastic, while our paw cleaners are made of silicone for a more premium softer touch. Our cleaners also come in a choice of two colors, Pink or Blue. 


Automated Rotating Bristles 

Our cleaners present a feature that no other paw cleaners are currently providing. Using the handle on the side of our cup you can give a quick squeeze to make the inner bristles of the cleaner rotate. This gives your pet's paw a more deeper clean and gets more dirt and grime off your pet and into the trash.

Easy Cleaning in 4 Quick Steps

Get all that nasty dirt and grime off of your pet's foot using only 4 simple and quick steps. 

1. Fill the cleaner with room temperature water, without filling past the fill line.

2. Place your pet's paw into the cup

3. Give the handle a quick squeeze to get the inner drum spinning

4. Remove your pet now clean the paw out from the cup. Rinse out the cleaner and you are all done!


We put our customers at the heart of everything we do; this helps us to understand how they feel when searching for products and ultimately, making sure they feel great when purchasing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

i love it! it’s so much better than using these paw wipes and it saves me more money! when i say it removes all the dirt IT REMOVES ALL THE DIRT from my puppies paws. now he’s walking around the house with fresh clean paws .

Lana S

We live in the PNW and it is always some kind of muddy outside. This mudblaster is does a great job of getting our dog's paw clean. It definitely helps not bring in any excess dirt and mud.
This product is great, I highly recommend giving it a try.


This isn’t a promotional review btw!!!!! I just love this product. I have 2 pit bulls that keep me on my TOES when it comes to keeping our home clean. Not only do I deal with their shedding but the nasty paws and mud from our back yard which doesn’t have much grass due to little sunshine and poor terrain! I pretty much have the shedding under control (and by under control, I mean vacuuming 3 times a day 😂) but the mud was driving me crazy. I started seeking a resolution or perhaps something to aid in this terrible mess. Then, I found this product. We have had this for 3 weeks now and let me tell you, GAME CHANGER. I keep a towel in the kitchen by our back door and when they come in from being outside, I fill this cup up with warm water and a drop of dawn dish soap and it literally takes 2 seconds. I dip their paws 2 or 3 times and then dry them with the towel. It cleans their paws so well and my fiancé even noticed I big difference in our floors and their dog bed. It is also very easy to clean. If you’re hesitant, just do it! I promise you won’t regret it.


We’ve got a yard full of adobe mud. That stuff is awful to clean off, especially the nails! And our husky loves to run after she goes potty. Before I got the mud buster, we’d just use a towel (and girl HATES her feet touched) so we’d have to go quick before she starts screaming (huskies are so dramatic good grief) - and we see foot prints all the way up the stairs. This mud buster has been a miracle worker!! It works quick and efficiently! Her feet a just a little small for the large, so we have to pick a side and just scrub but that Adobe mud is off her nails within seconds! You can see in the photos how squeaky clean it leaves her feet (yes, I see that I have different feet here, but results are the same


I didn't expect this to work anywhere near as well as it does. I have a Husky-Doodle which, in her case, means strong as a Husky and as smart as a poodle. She's also really fascinated by tearing up my yard. i can fix the yard but she has filthy feet and simple towels don't get it done. Use this then dry with a towel. I can't tell you how happy I am with this product. Even more important, my wife isn't constantly irritated by the footprints. It's really, truly a great product.

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